How to design beautiful concrete countertops

Concrete countertops for your kitchen can make your kitchen more beautiful. You have two options to have concrete countertops for your home. You can buy precast counters from fabricators that are finished in a workshop or you can do the work yourself by creating your own molds.

Smooth surfaces and flat faced cabinets work well with concrete countertops. Concrete countertops make a subtle design statement and go well with a number of kitchen styles. Their appeal is timeless. You now have various color options for your concrete countertops.

In order to build your own concrete countertops, you first need to get all the tools and materials needed for making the molds, mixing, setting and curing the concrete. You need to make sure that you have a smooth surface so that dirt and food particles cannot get caught in holes. A smooth surface will also give your countertop a finished look.

For preventing your countertops from cracking, you can put a steel mesh in the center of your countertop as you pour them. You will find many videos online on how to install DIY concrete countertops. Melamine is usually suggested to make the countertop molds as they have a smooth surface and will prevent bubbles and air from drying on top. Next, you need to make a mold for installing your sink. You need to make an inset that fits the size of your sink opening. Your sink will drop in on the countertop frame. The concrete countertop will then rest on top. The countertop will become very heavy after curing. You should ask a couple of friends to help you to lift the countertop and secure it in the right place. Finally, you should apply a concrete sealer to the countertop that will protect it from stains. Then apply a final coat of concrete wax to give the countertop a nice shine and prevent any scratches. It will take only a few days to build your concrete countertop. So, you won’t have to shut down your kitchen for a long time.