5 Ways Redecorating Your Home Office Can Improve Your Health

5 Ways Redecorating Your Home Office Can Improve Your Health

As home improvement experts, we know how much your surroundings can influence your mental and physical health. So we decided to contact someone in the wellness industry and get her expertise on how redecorating your home office can actually work to improve the way you feel, which, in turn increases your energy and productivity so that you can be even more successful in business, no matter what your line of work is.

Here are some of the ways that a little feng shui love can not only improve the look and feel of your home office, but your overall “look and feel” as an entrepreneur as well!

  1. Change up the color of your room. Studies have shown that different colors have different affects on the mind. If you’re looking to increase excitement and passion for what you do, for example, painting your office red can light a fire underneath your behind and make you work harder and faster. On the other hand, if you work better in a calm, relaxing environment, then blue might be the right color for you. It all depends on what you’re going for. So consider repainting those walls toward the effect and outcome that you want from your day-to-day.
  2. Set the mood by diffusing essential oils. Not only does a diffuser bring a different, peaceful aesthetic to your surroundings. The oils themselves also work in different ways to stimulate your nerves. Whether you need more energy, you want to enhance your creativity, or you need something to help you de-stress after a hard day’s work, there’s an oil for that!
  3. Fill your bookshelf with positive, self-help reads. It’s a little known fact that your mindset influences your physical health. And nothing aids mental health like sticking your nose into a good book for 30 minutes each morning. Having a shelf full of them also sets the tone for when you have visitors. This is especially helpful if you work in sales, as people are more likely to buy from someone who has a positive mental attitude and a genuine desire to help them achieve their goals and dreams.
  4. Decorate the walls with photos. Keep your loved ones top of mind throughout the day will improve your mental attitude as well and also keep you motivated to work hard to provide for them. Pictures of your spouse and your children are a given. But you may also want to highlight your accomplishments. Go ahead and frame that graduate degree and hang it proudly on the wall as a testimony of your achievements thus far! It’ll keep you motivated to succeed even more.
  5. Replace your furniture with more ergonomic options. This is assuming that what you’re currently using is bad for your posture and is causing pain in your neck, shoulders, and back (which is the case for a lot of people, unfortunately.) Make sure you have a good chair that you can sit comfortably in with your back straight and your feet firmly planted on the ground. It’s also good to raise your computer up to eye-level, so you’re not looking down all day long.

In addition to the 5 tips above, it’s important to also make sure your office windows are letting in plenty of natural light. According to Matt Wheeler, owner of All Seasons Window & Door Co. in Charlotte NC, natural light improves productivity. He’s heard significant improvements in the lives of the customers who have enlisted his help for window replacements to enhance their work environment.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. If you work from home, what are some ways you spruce up your environment to improve your mental and physical health? Share your ideas and experiences with us in the comments below!

Tips to Prevent Bathroom Water Damage

bathroomThe constant use of water in the restroom makes it extremely susceptible for moisture accumulation and also possible water damages. By examining it consistently, you could lower water-associated damages.

The complying with collection of evaluations is very easy to carry out as well as should be done every 3 months in order to maintain your restroom’s health and also to prevent potential water problems triggered by the tub, the shower, pipeline joints and also pipes, sinks, cabinets, and the commode.

Do not forget to perform these assessments and be thorough while executing them. Remember that these basic assessments can save you a lot of money by supplying very early indicators for water damage.

Shower and Tub

The shower and bathtub need unique attention and upkeep. If split, examine the ceramic tiles and replace. Ensure that there is no missing grout between the ceramic tiles. Inspect and replace broken caulking at joints where the wall surfaces fulfill the bathtub or the flooring. Obstructed drain pipes and pipeline troubles will certainly stop the bathtub from drying out as well as could indicate significant problems underneath the tub. Speak with a specialist right away to avoid architectural damage. Take note of stainings or soft areas around the bathtub wall surfaces as they could indicate an interior leak.


Indications for water damages are tough to detect given that a lot of pipes are set up inside the walls.

Pay special attention to floor covering and any wetness or spots on the walls as they may indicate an invisible pipes issue. Check moisture degrees in adjacent spaces also.

Sinks and Cabinets

Look around the sink. Slow-moving draining pipes could indicate a blocked drain. Change sink seals if they are fractured or loose.

The Commode

The toilet is a susceptible water joint. Check the water lines and also look for leaks around the bathroom seat, in the hose pipe, as well as under the water container. If you identify any type of indicators of dampness on the flooring around the commode, look for leakages in the commode edge as well as container seals.

Understand that hanging toilet deodorants raise the chances for obstructions or clogs.

3 Upgrades to Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

3 Upgrades to Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

The real estate market has slowed down significantly since the weather cooled down. If you’re trying to sell your home, you may want to consider improving it with a few upgrades first to ensure you get the most return on your investment. You’ve already put a pretty penny into it, after all. Why allow a slow market to dictate its price when a good home staging or even a few simple upgrades can make the difference between a few thousand dollars extra in your pocket, or a significant price drop that leaves you barely breaking even?

#1. Roof Replacement. You may want to consider this if you have an older home and your roof is at least 20 years old. Though not a small upgrade to say the least, a prospective buyer will consider this when making an offer, and it could increase the resale value of your home significantly. Not to mention the improved curb appeal since those dark spots and cracked shingles will be gone!

#2. Granite Countertops. We don’t usually recommend new kitchen countertops unless yours are old or you’re looking to appeal to a wider set of buyers. In that case, granite is likely to be your best bet. Laminate countertops are rated low compared to granite, even though we still think they’re a great choice. Surveys indicate that homeowners want granite in their kitchens, so if you’ve got laminate and want to appease the masses, you may want to consider something different. We don’t recommend stainless steel or concrete in these cases, because though upscale in nature, these materials aren’t likely to appeal aesthetically to the largest selection of prospective homebuyers.

#3. A Backyard Storage Shed. If your home is low on storage space, consider adding a shed to the backyard. Many homeowners will be looking for extra space to store their things, and an extra building in the back could be very appealing. Many people would like to park their cars in the garage, but might need an extra spot to store their lawn or gardening equipment. A storage shed can be easily installed by a professional contractor and will add some extra square footage to your property. You can even customize it to make it look like your house or stand out if that’s what you prefer!

If you’re looking to get the most out of your property investment, then a few upgrades might be in order, depending on when your home was built, how long you’ve lived there, and what’s appealing to buyers in the current real estate market. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s worth it and that you’ll be able to recoup your costs on the project you put in place.

4 home renovating ideas for this summer

4 home renovating ideas for this summer

When summer approaches, people start thinking about renovating their homes. During summer, you get more hours to work as the cold breeze is no longer there. Here are some home improvement ideas that you can use this summer.

Reinsulate your home

If you have a well-insulated home, it can benefit you in several ways. It is worth investing your money and item in your home insulation. This will lower your utility bills over a period of time.

Make your home greener

You can make your home green and eco-friendly. You can install solar panels or windmills. These additions will reward you in future. These will not only contribute to nature, but also benefit your health and wealth in many ways.

Install a programmable thermostat

By installing a programmable thermostat, you can cut your utility bills significantly both in summer and winter. You can program the thermostat to work only when there is someone in the house.

Set up a backyard patio

It is a great idea to have a patio in your backyard. You can have the patio with comfortable garden furniture which will let you enjoy your summer evenings and nights. This will be a relaxing place for you and your family. This can be an ideal place for cozy gatherings. You can even have your barbecue here.

To some people investing in home improvement projects might not be a good idea. They think it’s a waste of money. But once you start looking at the benefits, you will realize that investing in home improvement projects are worth it. So, you can do some home renovations this summer and make your time more productive and fun filled.


3 ways to prevent pest infestation at home

3 ways to prevent pest infestation at home

Homeowners should always make sure that their homes are not infested by pests. Spring, particularly, is the season when insects emerge to build their nests and forage for food for their young ones. Here are three ways to prevent pest infestation at home.

Seal up entry points


Check out for cracks along doors and windows, holes in window screens, etc. Seal the cracks. These are the entry points for most insects. If these points can be sealed, the risk of insects getting inside your house is reduced.

Keep food in sealed containers


Pet food, dry food and bird seed are attractive meals for ants and other pests. You should always keep these items stored in airtight containers in order to keep pests away.

Get rid of standing water


Mosquitoes can ruin your backyards and they can transmit deadly diseases. Standing water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes. So, you should make sure that there is no standing water in your property.

Apart from these three ways to prevent pest infestation, you should also make sure that wood and brush are away from your home structures. These are appealing to wood-boring beetles, termites, wasps and bees. When basements become damp in warmer months, they become a favorite place for centipedes and other pests. You can try dehumidifier to keep these pests away. Even after taking all these preventive measures, infestations can still occur. In such situation, you should call up a professional pest control company to eradicate pests from your home. These pest control experts can also give you advice on preventing future pest infestations.